Visitors at Wind Cave

Written by: Dane Graves

     In the Wind Cave area of Jackson County Kentucky there is a house where strange things sometimes happen.  For no apparent reason, kitchen cabinets will open, and their contents will spill out all over the floor.  Doors will slam when there are no drafts or gusts of wind.  On some nights you can hear livestock moving around and bellowing from inside a barn that stands no more than fifty feet from the house; yet no livestock has been kept there for nearly thirty years.  The strangest of these unusual and unexplainable occurrences happened to a twelve year old boy in 1986. 

     The boy, whose parents had bought and renovated the house, was returning home from school. His parents were not due home from work for a little while, so he took his time as he walked up the long driveway towards the house.  As he got closer he could see one of the curtains being pulled back as if someone were peeking out at him.  Thinking that it might have been his younger brother, who had been staying with his grandmother, the boy hurried towards the house.  He soon noticed that he could see that all of the curtains in the front of the house were being drawn back, as if unseen faces were looking out of all of the front windows at him.  Straining to see who they were all he could make out were shadows.  It was not the wind, for the weather was calm and he could see where unseen fingers were holding back the curtains.  As he stood there in silence, the front door slowly opened as if inviting the boy to enter. 

     Upon realizing that whoever or whatever holding back the curtains was no one that he knew, he became frightened and ran into the barn where he climbed up a ladder and hid in the loft.  From this hiding place he could hear the sounds of someone walking towards the barn.  Suddenly and without warning, the barn doors flew open.  The boy, almost scared witless, tried to remain as quiet as possible since he heard someone walking below him.  Looking through a crack between the floorboards of the loft he stifled a scream as he saw footprints being made in the dirt floor as if someone unseen were walking.  As the footprints made their way to the wooden loft ladder, the boy closed his eyes tightly, and began to pray.  He could hear the creak and groan of the wood as the unseen feet began their way up the ladder.  He began to pray even harder as the footsteps continued upward.  Then just as it came to the point where the boy would be able to see it, the thing stopped moving and began to climb back down.  He listened closely as the unseen thing walked out of the barn and through the yard.  A few minutes later he was flooded with relief as he heard the sound of his fatherís truck making its way up the long gravel driveway towards the house.


Authorís Note:  This story is true.  I have included it in this collection because my fascination with the events told here prompted me to read books on strange phenomena.  This helped me get a better understanding of the strange world in which we live.  Eventually it led me to become a writer of the unusual.  I can safely say that this story is true because I was the twelve year old boy, and it was at my home that these events took place.  Soon afterwards we moved up the road a bit.  There is another family currently living in that house, and as far as I know they have had no strange experiences.  

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