Ghost Stories

     It is a bit of a tradition in Eastern Kentucky that when a group of people got together and a ghost story was mentioned the proverbial flood gates would open and the rest of the night would be spent sharing tales of strange happenings.  I was told of an uncle that had been awakened from a sound sleep by a skeletal hand grasping their leg as they dangled it over the edge of their bed.  I was given reports of a raging creature that killed and drank the blood of every dog in the town during an 8 month period in the early 1950ís.  I even heard of a haunted farm that you could own free of charge if you could spend one night inside the farmhouse, a feat that no one had managed to perform for more than 20 years.  In my youth, stories such as these fired my imagination and created in me a need to attempt to explain the unexplainable.     

     These stories have been collected from various sources, and are here solely for the provocation of thought, and to give examples of how different people view the paranormal.  Most of these stories have been handed down; sometimes for several generations.  Therefore none of them can be substantiated beyond the credibility of those who related them to us.  As such, they are not submitted to stand as any kind of proof of the existence of the supernatural.  The first five of these stories were brought to us by our late friend and Assistant Director, Louis Dane Graves.  They are transcribed here directly from his original rough drafts, and as such they will be typed exactly as they were found on his written pages, he always hated it when I would proofread his work.  If you have any interesting tales you would like to contribute, you can do so here.



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